Financial Independence - Are You READY?

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ChartBudgeting -- Where do I start?

Credit CardCredit Cards -- How much did I really pay for that?

Credit HistroyCredit History -- Does it really matter?

ID TheftIdentity Theft -- How much risk is there?

SavingsImportance of saving-- Is it worth it?

ChartInvesting in your future-- Will I be able to retire some day?    

CalculatorTackling Debt -- How to get out!


Highland Community College believes that all students can attain Financial Independence if given the right tools. This is why we have partnered with Inceptia to bring you Financial Avenue, an online financial literacy resource. Here you will find the answers to these questions and much more. 

In Financial Avenue you will find awesome courses and mini-modules as well as brief video segments, calculators and quizzes to see what you know. Take the first step today and create an account on the Financial Avenue to bring you closer to Financial Independence.

To access Financial Avenue click here.

  • First time students:  click on the Sign Up tab to enter the access code:  737ety.
  • Returning students: enter your username and password



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