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  All online courses  at HCC will have the course section (Y) attached to them. Courses delivered completely online are marked as (Y1), and courses  which may require an on-campus orientation and/or proctored exams to be taken at an approved location are marked as (Y2).

HYBRID CLASSES A significant portion of the learning activities take place online and time spent on instruction that traditionally occurs in the classroom is reduced but not eliminated. Hybrid sections are marked in the searchable schedule as (Hybrid) in the location column of the search results. Please keep in mind, any on-campus course sessions will be determined by the course instructor; however, in most cases your instructor will schedule classes based on student feedback, and will work toward only scheduling class times which work best for the entire group.

WAIT LIST When classes are full, students may place them selves on the wait list.

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Internet Course Exchange I.C.E

Highland Community College also offers online courses with our state-line area community college partners via the Illinois Community College Online network. Find a full listing of the courses available each semester here.

Please note the courses shown in the website above are only available at the discretion of Highland Community College and our I.C.E. partners, so please contact Vicki Shulz @ or via her office number 815-599-3664, before attempting to register for any I.C.E course.

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View our noncredit Business Institute and Professional Development courses here.
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