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Other courses listed below can be found through the Illinois Virtual Campus (IVC) or on an as-needed basis from other schools.

Other Online Courses for Spring 2013

This page contains a list of online courses at Highland through our partnership with the I.L.L.C.O or on an as-needed basis from other schools. This page is designed to help students become familiar with the login process for each individual class. If you require further assistance please feel free to click on the instructor name listed below by their corresponding course to contact him/her by email or by phone number, if available.

For a full list of online courses offered this semester, please visit our searchable class schedule page, here

Note, all courses listed on this page are marked with the instructor name of "Schulz" on the searchable schedule. Please refer back to this page for name and contact information for these courses.


American Literature II Rosemary McNeil webCT 217.357.3129  ext. 7249
American National Government Melissa Brown Blackboard 309.796.5000 ext.5453
Business Law Rachel Williams SOLAR 217.999.9999
Comparative Religions James Larrabee Blackboard 309.796.5634
Criminal Investigation Nick Manrique Blackboard 309.796.5000
Major World Religions Patrick Fodor SOLAR 217.641.4504
Principles of Sociology Krisann Bergo Blackboard 309.795.5425
Social Psychology Robert Lee Blackboard 309.854.1817
Survey of African History Richard Eichman Moodle 815.835.6380 ext. 380
US History to 1877 Mark Esposito Blackboard 309.796.5427