Highland and Western Illinois University articulate honors programs

 On April 15, Highland Community College officials and representatives of Western Illinois University signed an articulation agreement to formalize an understanding of cooperation between the two institutions, which assists HCC honors students in their admission and transfer to the Centennial Honors College at WIU. 

According to the agreement, all honors coursework at HCC will transfer hour-for-hour toward the lower division honors requirements in the Centennial Honors College at WIU. Ten hours of transferred honors coursework from HCC are sufficient to complete the course requirements to graduate as a lower division honors scholar at WIU. To graduate as a lower division Honors Scholar at WIU, a student must also have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher at WIU upon graduation.

"I want to thank the Western Illinois University Centennial Honors College for putting together this wonderful opportunity for our respective students and institutions," said Jim Phillips, HCC interim director of the Honors Program.  "This agreement creates a seamless transition for HCC honors students who wish to continue their higher level academic pursuits at WIU."

An HCC Honors Program student who has not graduated from the HCC Honors Program may also transfer to WIU as a member of the Centennial Honors College, if he or she meets the admission requirements of the Honors College.

The agreement is based on an analysis of the program requirements as stated in the 2013-2015 HCC Catalog and as stated in the 2013-2014 WIU catalog.

"We are excited about this new agreement as it is yet another illustration of the good work the College does to improve the transfer experience of our students as they move on to four-year institutions," said Highland’s vice president of academic services, Tim Hood. "I'd like to thank our current interim Honors Program director Jim Phillips for his efforts to make this agreement a reality."

(Left to right) Jim Phillips, interim HCC Honors Program director; Tim Hood, vice president of academic services; Douglas R. Block, HCC Board of Trustees chair; Dr. Joe M. Kanosky, HCC president and Dr. Joe Rives, vice president for WIU Quad Cities and planning.

Joe Rives, WIU vice-president for Quad Cities and planning said, "It is really exciting to sign this new agreement with Highland Community College. The agreement supports the continuation of educational opportunities for students who have expressed their academic excellence at Highland to Western Illinois University. We know that this is the first of many agreements between our great institutions and to the benefit of the students that we serve."

Rick Hardy, director of the Centennial Honors College said this agreement will be beneficial to highly motivated students.

"The academic bridges constructed by the insightful leaders of the WIU-QC and Highland campuses today will have lasting, positive impact for transfer students," Hardy said. "Talented and highly motivated students will be able to take full advantage of enriched curricula and educational opportunities at the Quad Cities campus."

For more information about this agreement and the Honors Program at Highland Community College contact Jim Phillips at 815.599.3469 or Questions regarding the Centennial Honors College at Western Illinois University can be directed to Rick Hardy at

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