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HCC announces 2013 Service Award recipients

Highland Community College employees were recognized for their years of service as part of the Opening Days activities on January 9, 2014. The 2013 Service Award recipients included the following:

FIVE YEARS: Karen Graves, Library Technical Assistant; Amy Johnson, Coordinator of the Testing Center; Kay Ostberg, Instructor and Pete Willging, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

TEN YEARS: Sheila Ibalio, Bookstore Assistant; Donna Kauke, Dean of Health, Natural Science and Math; Paul Rabideau, Instructor; David Shockey, HCC Trustee. Donna Tufariello, Instructor and Rob Urish, HCC Trustee

FIFTEEN YEARS: Sam Fiorenza, Instructor; Barb Price, Financial Aid Specialist I; Kristin Salamandyk, Administrative Assistant; Michael Sopcic, Custodian; Sam Tucibat, Instructor and Laura Watson, Reference Librarian

TWENTY YEARS: Patricia Dunn, Director of Operations for the HCC Foundation; Charlie Green, Groundsperson; Madonna Keeney, Bookstore Manager; Alan Nowicki, Instructor and Sharon Schultz, Administrative Assistant

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS: Tom Bergstrom, Instructor; Carla Donaldson, Graphic Design Specialist; Rose Ferguson, Associate Vice-President for Human Resources; Cathie Schmerse, Instructor and Elwyn Webb, Scene and Lighting Designer

THIRTY YEARS: Jim Setterstrom, Instructor and Mike Shore, Director of Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

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Freeport, IL 61032-9341

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