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HCC Trustees Approve Tax Levies

FREEPORT- The Highland Community College Board of Trustees approved several resolutions establishing the 2008 tax levy during its regularly scheduled meeting on November 18, 2008.

Each year, the Board of Trustees is required to submit a tax levy request to each of the counties served in the college�s district. Establishing the tax levy is a rather complex task determined by property tax predictions, voter-approved tax rates and legislature-regulated categories of revenue and budget estimates. funny birthday pictures

The levies approved at Tuesday�s Board of Trustees meeting included an education and building fund levy, insurance levy, audit levy, Social Security and Medicare levy. The taxes collected each year are a result of Highland's tax rate multiplied by the district's equalized assessed valuation (EAV). funny pictures

Highland's 2008 proposed tax year levy is a total of 114.6% of the 2007 tax year extension. The calculation of this increase is a comparison of the taxes collected via the 2007 tax levy to the proposed taxes levied for the 2008 tax year. Because the levy is more than 105% higher than the previous year, Trustees published a Truth in Taxation notice and held a public hearing at the start of the Board of Trustees meeting. No comments were made during the hearing. funny images

The Highland tax rate for 2008 is estimated to be .479. Prior to the March 2004 referendum approval, the tax rate was .479. The proposed tax rate for 2008 remains level with the rate in place prior to the passage of the referendum. funny photos

�A portion of this year�s levy will be used to fund a campus-wide public address system that will provide improved communication in the event of an emergency,� according to Jill Janssen, Vice President of Administrative Services. �It will enhance the colleges� comprehensive Emergency Action Plan.�

Trustees also heard a Recruitment and Retention Monitoring report. Student enrollment is up over the fall 2007 semester; student headcount is up 3.6% and total credit hours are up 4.6%. The college�s retention rate continues to increase and remain above the state average. This fall, the college�s retention rate was 66.7% compared to the state average of 60.0%.

For further information regarding the annual tax levy or student recruitment and retention, please contact Pete Willging in the Community Relations office at 815-599-3421.

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