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HCC Foundation Announces 2011-2012 Scholarship Recipients

FREEPORT � The Highland Community College Foundation distributed over $350,000 dollars to Highland students for the 2011-2012 academic year with over 400 people in attendance at its annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony on September 25th.

Over $5.3 million has been distributed to Highland students since the Foundation was formed. Some scholarships are based on merit and financial need; others are awarded to students based on where they attended high school and what major they are studying.

The following scholarship recipients were recognized:

Baileyville: Emily Bardell, Robert 'Bob' Carlile Memorial; Jessica Sander, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial and R.C. Miller Agriculture

Belvidere: Jenny Kremer, Betty and Ray Stamm

Cedarville: Heidi Huber, Kathleen A. Reed Memorial

Chana: Rebecca Palmer, Margaret and Clarence Mitchell

Dakota: Michelle Bowers, Catherine and Steven Turner; Brady Schlueter, Joey Stott

Davis: Kyle Benning, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial � Athletics; Morgan Duncan, Catherine and Steven Turner; Brandon Holliday, Thomas E. Wallmo Memorial; Britny Pattat, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Caleb Townsend, Ken and Marien Stein; Satara Wenger, Eunice O'Malia Memorial; Megan Erickson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wurtzel Memorial

Dixon: Anne Hermes, United Presbyterian Church

Durand: Sarah Palmer, Dr. Wayne Chapin Memorial; Ashly Bliss, Steven Moll Memorial

Elizabeth: Leigh Bonvillain, Dr. and Mrs. Spencer K. Phillips; Jacob Crome, Irma Dittmar Ames Memorial; Donna Marcotte, Carl D. Loescher Memorial; Allison McLane, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill

Forreston: Seth Gronewold, Fehr-Graham and Associates; Dana Novinson, Harold D. Walkup; Danelle Saunders, Joseph S. and Bettye J. Mihina Nursing; Taylor Slothower, H.G. Kable Memorial; Ryan Stukenberg, James Schneiderman Memorial

Freeport: Alexandria Aebly, Fredrick and Alice Kirkman Memorial; Jordan Bach, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Gabrielle Batten, ABWA - TLC Chapter, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial and Robert 'Bob' Carlile Memorial; Kiresten Bauer, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Kasie Beach, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Derek Becker, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Chelsea Boddie, Carl D. Loescher Memorial and Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial; Victoria Brookman, Catherine and Steven Turner; Thomas Bruehler, Margaret and Clarence Mitchell; Joseph Caldwell, James Padfield Memorial; Britanii Caldwell, Marion Byram; Megan Carus, Joey Stott; Fabion Cashaw, James A. Davis Memorial; Taisha Dandridge, Marion Byram; Thomas Daves, Raymond A. Klee Trustmark; Tabitha Dowman, Frances and Cyril Bottoms Memorial Nursing; Laura Earlywine, Louise A. Neyhart ADN Nursing; Adrian Firmin, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial; Patrick Flannery, Joey Stott; Courtney Gaulrapp, Charlotte A. Zartman; Amoni Grayson, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial; Eric Harweger, James A. Davis Memorial; Mikayla Horde, Harold D. Walkup; Priscilla Hounnou, Marion Byram; Samantha Jones, Davis/Balluf; Janice McNett, Natasha Anderson Memorial; Paige Mellen, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Brandon Mills, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; James Myles, Wid Hance Automotive; Anna Nissen, Jim Sacia � Minority; Andrea Peterson, Kay Brunner Memorial Nursing; Michelle Queckboerner, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial - Nursing; Fadoua Rochon, Betty and Ray Stamm and John E. McClellan; Elena Rodriguez, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life; Cody Rogers, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial � Computer Science; Rachel Rogers, Catherine and Steven Turner; Billie Joe Rogers, Kutz Family Memorial; Amy Shugars, Virginia Ames; Cheryl Sieber, Raymond A. Klee Trustmark; Mikeatta Smith, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial � Upward Bound; Zachary Vick, Rawson Engineering; Jalesa Watkins, Larry Kahl Athletic; Lindsay Wellington-Alton, James A. Davis Memorial; Chase York, Philip Gordon Memorial

Galena: Courtney Schultz, Betty and Ray Stamm; Madeline Hongsermeier, Joey Stott

German Valley: Ken Foltz, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial - Nursing

International (Europe): Kris Mayele-Sereme (France), Larry Kahl Athletic; Michael Ochereobia (United Kingdom), Larry Kahl Athletic

Lanark: Stacy Lamoreux, Jim Sacia-Incoming/Returning Adult and Opal Wade Memorial

Leaf River: Rebecca Colloton, Northwest Illinois Two-Cylinder Club John Deere Club; Brandon Zipse, Philip Gordon Memorial

Lena: Daniel Dick, Ada Mook Memorial; Jenny Farmer, Ennega/Holm Memorial; Cody Hooper, Achievement Defined; Chelsey Kaiser, Robert and Lois Harlan; Daniel Kurth, Margaret and Clarence Mitchell; Andy Lake, Athletic Memories; Shannon McFadden, Joey Stott; Gretchen Rose, ABWA - TLC Chapter; Traci Rose, Joey Stott; Casey Rutter, Charles Endress Memorial; Ashley Switzer, Harold D. Walkup; Adam Troxell, Marion Byram; Rachel Visel, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life; Mandy Winning, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill

Madison, WI: Hannah Hagedorn, Illinois Health Improvement Association Nursing

McConnell: Mackenzie Leverton, Ennega/Holm Memorial

Mt. Carroll: Kierstin Dimmick, Raymond A. Klee Trustmark; Christina Wheetley, Maureen Baldwin

Mt. Morris: James Barton, Davis/Balluff; Angela Glessner, Joey Stott and Project Succeed; Amanda Jacinto, Davis/Balluff; Ilean Mauricio, Davis/Balluff; Megan Schmidt, Kable News Academic

Orangeville: Kendra Love, Roger A. Hutmacher Memorial funny dog pictures

Pearl City: Kyle Aspinwall, Jim Sacia-High School Senior; Katlyn Heinrich, Krug-Phillips Memorial; Grace Schirmer, Harold D. Walkup; Lisa Velazco, Marion Byram

Pecatonica: Lucas Bybee, 1st Farm Credit Services Agriculture; Cameron Shere, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial - Business

Polo: Elizabeth Stauffer, Harold Lee Offenheiser Ecology-Biology funny pictures

Poplar Grove: Nicole Meegan, Marilyn Casey Nursing funny images

Ridott: Cody Baker, Gerald W. Murray Memorial; Julia Hasselman, Freeport High Twelve Club Nursing

Rock City: Jonathon Albright, R.C. Miller Agriculture; Sara Miller, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial - Business; Zachary Sorn, Realtor Association of Northwestern Illinois

Rockford: Joseph Danforth, Larry Kahl Athletic; Kenneth Kauke, Mary Gregory Warthen; Christopher Mace, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill

Roscoe: Tiffany Noakes, Larry Kahl Athletic funny photos

Savanna: Gerald Cavanagh, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial - Upward Bound; Emily Mills, HCC Mathematics-Science; Izziner Morris, Leonard C. and Mildred F. Ferguson Foundation Nursing

Shannon: Leigh Tipton, Robert 'Bob' Carlile Memorial

Stockton: Kyle Baltierra, Harold D. Walkup; Dustin Broshous, Dr. and Mrs. Spencer K. Phillips; Haley Magee, Larry Kahl Athletic; Jennifer Schlichting, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Keeley Schulz, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial � Athletics

Thomson: Derek Sturtevant, Betty Hayes Memorial Music Scholarship

Warren: Dylan Dawson, Harold Lee Offenheiser Ecology-Biology and Whitetails Unlimited; Andrew Sperry, Margaret and Clarence Mitchell

Winslow: Elizabeth Patin, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life

2998 W. Pearl City Road
Freeport, IL 61032-9341

Fax 815-235-6130

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