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Illinois Colleges and Universities Prepare for MAP Grant Cuts

College leaders representing all of Illinois public and private higher education, universities and community colleges, conveyed an urgent message when they met with Governor Pat Quinn earlier this month to find a way to restore funding for the Monetary Award Program (MAP). The current state budget funds only the current fall semester for these grants and their recipients. funny birthday pictures

Funding for the second semester does not exist which brings up the very real possibility that thousands of Illinois� neediest college students may not be able to continue their education in the Spring. funny pictures

The coalition of higher education leaders is united in its support of state�s oldest need-based student aid program on behalf of all students. The alliance advocates the restoration of $200 million for MAP for the remainder of the state fiscal year. The FY2010 state budget provided for only half of the necessary funding for the current academic year, leaving a shortfall of $200 million in MAP funding. funny images

At Highland Community College, 519 students received MAP grants last year for a total of $513,043 in assistance with their college education. funny photos

�The loss of MAP grant funding for the spring semester will have a significant impact on our students� explained HCC President, Dr. Joe Kanosky. �In the current economic climate it is critical that the state recognizes that student financial aid is a necessity for traditional age students as well as for many displaced workers returning to college to upgrade their skills.�

Students from across the state are planning to rally at the State Capital in Springfield on October 15 to emphasize the huge effect the loss of the MAP Grant will have on higher education. Visit for information on the effect of the loss of this grant specific to students, parents, communities and higher education organizations.

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