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HCC Foundation Distributes Scholarship Funds to Students

HCC Foundation

FREEPORT�The Highland Community College Foundation held its annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony on September 27th. The Foundation will distribute over $300,000 dollars to Highland students in the 2010-2011 academic year. Over $5 million have been distributed to Highland students since the Foundation was formed in 1962. Some scholarships are based on merit and financial need; others are awarded to students based on where they attended high school and what major they are studying.

The students and the scholarship(s) they received are as follows:

Baileyville: Jessica Sander, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial

Cedarville: Denise Tree, Betty J and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial- Business; Katilyn Fontana, Kathleen A. Reed Memorial

Dakota: Andrea McDevitt, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Hannah Zimmerman, Raymond A. Klee Trustmark

Davis: Satara Wenger, Catherine and Steven Turner; Jaclynn Hagemann, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Britny Pattat, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial

Eleroy: Melissa Middendorf, Virginia Ames Cosmetology

Elizabeth: Frank Randall, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial � Nursing; Kiresten Bauer, Emmert and Florence Klass Nursing; Matthew Altfillisch, Fehr-Graham & Associates; Jacob Crome, Harold Lee Offenheiser Ecology-Biology; Stacey Deneen, Illinois Health Improvement Association Nursing; Amanda Lieb, Whitetails Unlimited

Forreston: Dietrich Cavazos, H.G. Kable Memorial; Cory Gilligan, H.G. Kable Memorial; David Gors, H.G. Kable Memorial; Susan Akins, Harold D. Walkup; Rebecca Lonergan, Jim Sacia-Incoming/Returning Adult; Dietrich Cavazos, Kable News Diane Armbruster

Freeport: Kristina Hayenga, Ada Mook Memorial; Suporia Dickens, Anita S. Murray Memorial; Courtney Gaulrapp, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial- Athletics; Michelle Gitz, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial- Nursing; Amanda Huenefeld, Catherine and Steven Turner; Makenzie Meier, Charlotte A. Zartman; Lynne Harbers, Davis/Balluff; Rachael Deletzke, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Amanda Littlefeather Frances, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Lauren Wescott, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Kristiani Groeling, Dr. Spencer Phillips; Kimberly Maxey, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial, Nnawuihe Oluchukwu, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial; Ariell Parker, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial; Patricia Seals, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial; Morgan Love, Eunice O�Malia Memorial; John DeBias, Fehr-Graham & Associates; Stacey Moore, Freeport High Twelve Club Nursing; Emily Mohr, Harold D. Walkup; Nancy Newton, Harold D. Walkup; Ariell Parker, Harry A. Warthen; Susan Dietmeier, Illinois Health Improvement Association Nursing; Terry Brooks, James J. Bergagna Memorial; Samantha Sanna, Jim Sacia - High School Senior; Suporia Dickens, Jim Sacia - Minority Student; Shanika Fane, Jim Sacia - Minority Student; Laura Mills, Joey Stott; Jeremy Lehmann, John E. McClellan; Gulzhazira Sultanova, Kay Brunner Memorial Nursing; Chelsea Lindenman, Kutz Family Memorial; Alex Tuluka-Mfumupembe, Larry Kahl Athletic; Taylor Gallentine, Larry Kahl Athletic; Torrieo Williams, Larry Kahl Athletic; Brian Javier, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Kimberly Medler, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Jacqueline Reuter, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Brianna Toepfer, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Jacob Grebener, Margaret and Clarence Mitchell; Cortez Brown, Marion Byram, Tiffany Button, Marion Byram; Corena Engel, Marion Byram; Maceo Euells, Marion Byram; Cheyenne Eveland, Marion Byram; Jennifer Howarth, Marion Byram; Sharon Humphrey, Marion Byram; Brandon Mills, Marion Byram; Staci Otto, Marion Byram; Geraldine Parker, Marion Byram; Taisha Self, Marion Byram; Kaitlan VanHamme, Marion Byram; Terry Brooks, Mary Gregory Warthen; Nicole Hazelbower, Maureen Baldwin Cosmetology; Chase York, Philip Gordon Memorial; Samantha Trebes, Project Succeed; Kevin Strautz, Rawson Engineering; Steven DeMeester, Raymond A. Klee Trustmark; Robert DeBoer, Richard Kerkhoff Veterans Memorial; Ashley Cook, Roger A. Hutmacher Memorial; Douglas Heilman, Wid Hance Automotive, Alfreda Shaffer-McGraw, Wid Hance Automotive; Adam Smith, Wid Hance Automotive

Galena: Justice Kelly, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial - Business

Grand Detour: Lindsay Hoyle, Maureen Baldwin Cosmetology

Hanover: Ashley Marcure, Realtor Association of Northwestern Illinois

Kent: Stephanie Hammer, Irma Dittmar Ames Memorial

Lanark: Josiah Michael, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial - Computer Science; Candice Nepean, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill

Leaf River: Courtney Rinehart, Edwin J. Ennenga Memorial; Brandon Zipse, H.G. Kable Memorial; Samantha Shelton, Harry A. Warthen; Andrew Knackert, Raymond A. Klee Trustmark

Lena: Wendy Farmer, Betty and Ray Stamm; Tony Dick, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial � Computer Science; Mary Lyvers, Harold Lee Offenheiser Ecology-Biology; Kyle Bessert, Krug-Phillips Memorial; Traci Rose, Leonard C. & Mildred F. Ferguson Foundation Nursing; Danita Emford, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial, Jena Fox, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Abbi Switzer, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life; Jesse Rillie, Northwest Illinois Two-Cylinder Club John Deer Club; Dan Dick, Opal Wade Memorial; Makenzie Hill, Robert & Lois Harlan; Mandy Winning, United Presbyterian Church

Madison: Hannah Hagedorn, Betty and Ray Stamm

McConnell: Alex Holcomb, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill

Mt. Carroll: Carmina Baltierra, Dr. & Mrs. Ozro Hill; Tiffany Cole, Marilyn Casey Nursing

Mt. Morris: Samantha Ewens, Davis/Balluff; Megan Schmidt, Davis/Balluff; Samantha Ewens, Kable News Academic; Megan Schmidt, Margaret and Clarence Mitchell

Orangeville: Joshua Dotzel, Roger A. Hutmacher Memorial

Oregon: Don Jensen, HCC Mathematics - Science funny gifs

Pearl City: Katlyn Heinrich, Carl D. Loescher Memorial; Benjamin Lott, Charles Endress Memorial; Brock Musser, Philip Gordon Memorial; Tyler Martin, Wid Hance Automotive

Pecatonica: Lucas Bybee, 1st Farm Credit Services; Gretchen Wight, Joseph S. and Bettye J. Mihina Nursing; Cameron Shere, Ken and Marien Stein; Rachel Klinger, R.C. Miller Agriculture Scholarship

Polo: Elizabeth Stauffer, Fredrick and Alice Kirkman Memorial funny pictures

Rock City: Zachary Sorn, Catherine and Steven Turner; Jamie Hale, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Sara Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wurtzel Memorial Rockford: Jalesa Watkins, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial � Athletics, Jennifer Wakeley, Dr. Wayne Chapin Memorial; Jalesa Watkins, Larry Kahl Athletics; Joseph Danforth, Larry Kahl Athletics

Roscoe: Tiffany Noakes, Larry Kahl Athletics funny images

Savanna: Jacob Shepard, James A. Davis Memorial funny photos

Shannon: Haylee Endress, Betty J. Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial � Athletics; Ingrid Hare, Betty J. Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial � Upward Bound; Kara Bardell, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life; Michael Rose, R.C. Miller Agriculture Scholarship

Stockton: Makenzie Finn, Catherine and Steven Turner; Haley Magee, Davis/Balluff; Kaitlin Frank, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Brandon Wampfler, Dr. Spencer Phillips; Jessica Brunner, Harold D. Walkup; Stephanie Freese, James J. Bergagna Memorial; Jacob Allen, James Padfield Memorial; Jessica Brunner, Larry Kahl Athletics; Haley Magee, Larry Kahl Athletic; Samantha Brunner, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life; Jessica Brunner, Northwest Illinois Rock Club; Caley Feltmeyer, Raymond A. Klee Trustmark; Mary Bonvillain, Thomas E. Wallmo Memorial

Warren: Amy Davis, Louis A. Neyhart ADN Nursing

Winslow: Elizabeth Patin, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life

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Freeport, IL 61032-9341

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