For generations the Highland Community College Cougar mascot has been entertaining fans and students at athletic events and other College-related activities. Founded in 1962, Highland soon adopted the Cougar as its official mascot. But, what is the Cougar’s name? It seems the unnamed mascot will soon be getting an official moniker, thanks to a contest sponsored by the HCC Student Senate.

The contest will be conducted in two phases. The first phase will be the initial submission of suggested names from students, staff, alumni, and community at large. The second will consist of a community-wide vote to select the official name from a short list of finalists.

The Student Senate will select three finalist names from the submissions. These mascot names will then be included in a poll on the homepage of beginning March 7. The poll will be open for voting by students, staff and the residents of the College district.

The mascot name receiving the most votes by April 1 will be chosen as the official name for the Highland Cougar to be presented to the HCC Board of Trustees for approval on April 26, 2016.

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