Fast Forward

Fast Forward Summer Bridge Program


For students dissatisfied with previous test scores, the "Fast Forward" program will allow them an opportunity to retake placement tests. The “Fast Forward” program is designed to help students place in higher level college courses, which will enable them to finish their degree faster at a lower cost.


“Fast Forward” is a study skills training for success, with a certificate given after completion at a recognition ceremony. This skill development program will improve work in a chosen subject area. This is an opportunity to gain critical skills in math, writing and reading, and become more familiar with the campus, staff and services at HCC.

It consists of 20 hours of individualized and classroom instruction in writing or mathematics, and is taught by qualified instructors to improve basic academic skills and provide test-taking strategies.


The five-week program takes place one afternoon per week beginning May 19 for writing and June 11 for math and reading.


While the program is tuition free, a $10 materials fee applies. Interested students should call Theresa Kepner at 815.599.3678 to pre-register.