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Graduate Testimonials

Lonny Plowman

According to entrepreneur and hair artist Lonny Plowman, Highland 's program provides students with a true salon environment and top-of-the-line equipment. Lonny should know. As a graduate of the Highland program, he also serves on the program advisory board: a group that helps the College stay in sync with industry standards and innovations. “At Highland , the focus is really on the students. The fact that students can work at their own pace lets motivated students move quickly while others can take their time and fully grasp the material.”


Lonny is a member of the Paul Mitchell National Artistic Team. His career as an educator takes him in many directions, to Miami , Las Vegas and Costa Mesa , California , for Paul Mitchell advanced training shows. “I used to think you had to be in the big city to excel in this industry, but you don't have to.”


Lonny says that, at this point in his career, breaking the basic rules is important in creating new techniques and styles. However, he also says you have to the know the rules to break them. “I'd attend Highland again in a heartbeat, for the cost effectiveness and quality of the instruction. You can't knock the basics, and Highland does a great job teaching the fundamentals you need to know.”


Stacey Flack

 “Highland Cosmetology has a reputation for guiding and instructing the cosmetology careers of countless stylists in and around our community. There was just no comparison once I took a tour and learned about the program and what it offers.

“While it is fun and theatmosphere is great, the level of professionalism that we are taught here exceeds most schools, and it can only be achieved by working hard and taking pride in yourself and your work.


“No matter where this career takes me, I will always be grateful to all my instructors who have helped me find my strengths and believed that I could become a cosmetologist. Their voices will be in my head throughout my career! They know howwe feel as students and they are sensitive to that.” Stacey Dixon is working at JC Penney Salon in Freeport , Illinois.

Elite Design Team

Cindy Minkie and Donna Obert met each other as students in Highland 's cosmetology program in the early 1980s. They learned their skills and practiced their techniques side-by-side in the classroom as novices in the Cosmetology Salon. Now, 25 years later, they are still side-by-side as partners. Cindy and Donna are the co-owners of the Elite Design Team, located in Freeport , Illinois . They both agree that the cosmetology field is a rewarding, constantly-evolving, and unique career. “The salon atmosphere is different than any other working environment. It's often an eye-opening experience to see what a salon is like on a day-to-day basis.” Elite Design Team offers internships up to 150 hours to Highland students, which help provide insight into the salon atmosphere.




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