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Where Are They Now?

Former Cougars Playing Professionally

Malerick Bedden
Alex Blair
Kourtney Calvin
Jerry Echenique
Angelo Flanders
Eric Frederick
Antwon Harris
Jamaal Hinton
Michael Johnson
Trevor Lawrence
Matija Poscic
Anthony Simpson
Temi Soyebo
Aaron Spears
Nikola Stojakovic
Phillip Taylor
Parish West
Nate Williams
Brandon Wood


Men's Basketball

Name College
Deon Andrews Southern Arkansas University
Joseph Gripper Texas Southern University
Marvin Jones Kent State University
Luke Norman Eastern Illinois University
Grant Prusator Indiana State University
Name College
Patrick Onwenu University of Detroit


Individual Player Achievements

Academic All-American

Player   Year Sport
Kris Sereme 2012 Men's Basketball Division I
Jenna Krahmer 2012 Volleyball Division II
Robyn Hauser 2012 Women's Basketball and Softball Division II
Karli Davis 2011 Volleyball Division II
Haylee Endress 2011 Softball Division II *Distinguished All-American
Heather Jurs 2010 Volleyball *Distinguished All-American
Kayla Olsen 2010 Volleyball
Jackie Barton 2009 Women's Basketball
Devan Bawinkel 2008 Men's Basketball
Lindsey Folgate 2008 Volleyball *Distinguished All-American
Brianna Martinez 2008 Volleyball
Daniel Polhill 2008 Golf *Distinguished All-American
Arlee Wills 2008 Volleyball
Ashley Christensen 2007 Volleyball and Softball  *Distinguished All-American
Betsey Christensen 2007 Volleyball and Softball  *Distinguished All-American
Michael Cleary 2007 Baseball
Vanessa Tipplett 2007 Volleyball
Joshua Wilken 2007 Baseball
Molly Cummins 2006 Volleyball
Samantha Rogers 2006 Volleyball
Tiffany Wollny 2005 Volleyball *Distinguished All-American
Michele Niedermeier 2004 Softball
Jessica Hindricks 2003 Softball
Becky Sorn 2003 Volleyball and Basketball
Erin Brunner 2002 Volleyball
Amy Zimmerman 2002 Volleyball

All-Americans - Men

Player   Year Honor
DeMarco Henry 2013 Third Team Basketball
Patrick Onwenu 2012 Honorable Mention Basketball
Monterale Clark 2010 Second Team Basketball
Elliott Johnson 2010 Honorable Mention Basketball
Eric Frederick 2009 Third Team Basketball
Carlos Arenas 2007 Second Team Golf
Laron Frazier 2007 Second Team Basketball
Antwon Harris 2006 First Team Basketball
Temi Soyebo 2005 Third Team Basketball
Chris Mitchell 2004 First Team Basketball
Mark Wilson 2003 Second Team Basketball
Malerick Bedden 2002 Third Team Basketball
Robert Lolar 2001 Second Team Basketball
Tyrese Buie 2000 Third Team Basketball
Troy Hudson 1998 Honorable Mention Basketball
Michael Johnson 1997 Third Team Basketball
Troy Parker 1996 Fourth Team Basketball
Brian Hildebrand 1993 Honorable Mention Basketball

All-Americans - Women

Player   Year Honor
Amber Ramos 2013 Second Team Softball
Suporia Dickens 2009 Third Team Basketball
Jasmine Coleman 2006 Honorable Mention Basketball
Angie Eissens 2003 Honorable Mention Volleyball



William R. Bear All Tournament Honors

Player   Year Honor
Deon Andrews S Most Valuable Player
DJ Tolliver S All-Tournament Team
Brandon Ward S Top Five Assists

Arrowhead Conference Honors

Player   Honor
Deon Andrews 1st Team All-Conference
Grant Prusator 1st Team All-Conference
Marvin Jones 2nd Team All-Conference

NJCAA Division I All-Region Teams

Player   Year Honor
Demarco Henry S 1st Team All-Region Team
Marvin Jones S 1st Team All-Region Team
Deon Andrews S 1st Team All-Region Team

NJCAA Division I Region IV Tournament Team

Player   Year Honor
Demarco Henry, MVP S All-Tournament Team
James Boone F All-Tournament Team
Marvin Jones S All-Tournament Team

NJCAA Division I National Tournament Team

Player   Year Honor

Top 10 All-Time Leading Scorers

Player   Points Seasons
Brian Hildebrand 1385 1991-1993
Dan Giedd 1071 1994-1996
Mark Wilson 1067 2001-2003
Daryl Norman 1053 1985-1987
Cornelius Patton 1002 1987-1989
Ben Schifferer 995 1997-1999
Frank McDaniels 972 1989-1991
Grey Giovanine 965 1977-1979
Chris Mitchell 930 2002-2004
Troy Hudson 829 1996-1998

All-Time Single Season Scoring Leaders

Player   Points Seasons
Jerome Miller 791 1978-1979
Dante Williams 732 1995-1996
Troy Parker 709 1995-1996
4 Brian Hildebrand 706 1991-1992
Mark Wilson 688 2002-2003
6 Brian Hildebrand 679 1992-1993
Eric Frederick 625 2008-2009
8 Cornelius Patton 615 1987-1988
Steve Lotz 604 1974-1975
Dan Giedd 602 1994-1995


Team Records and Accomplishments

The Cougars Men's Basketball team has enjoyed many successes.

Men's Basketball History

Men's Basketball Records


Men's Basketball Team Records

Category                                 #                    Season

7th Place at National Tournament             2008-2009
Participant at National Tournament           2006-2007
3rd Place at National Tournament             2005-2006
6th Place at National Tournament             2004-2005
First time at National Tournament             2003-2004  
Longest winning streak        29                 2003-2004
Longest winning streak        21                 2002-2003
Longest winning streak        13                 2001-2002


Arrowhead Conference Champions

Season                        Sport

2013                        Softball

2013                        Men's Basketball

2012                        Men's Basketball

2011                        Men's Basketball

2010                        Men's Basketball

2010                        Women's Basketball

2009                        Men's Basketball
2009                        Women's Basketball
2008                        Men's Basketball
2007                        Men's Basketball

2007                        Golf
2006                        Men's Basketball
2006                        Golf
2005                        Men's Basketball
2004                        Men's Basketball

2003                        Men's Basketball
2002                        Men's Basketball
2001                        Men's Basketball
2000                        Men's Basketball
1999                        Men's Basketball
1996                        Women's Basketball
1996                        Volleyball
1995                        Women's Basketball
1993                        Men's Basketball
1991                        Volleyball
1987                        Women's Basketball

1983                        Golf
1977                        Men's Basketball
1976                        Men's Basketball
1973                        Men's Basketball
1972                        Baseball
1971                        Baseball


NJCAA Region IV Champions

Season                        Sport

2012                        Men's Basketball

2010                        Women's Basketball

2009                        Men's Basketball

2009                        Women's Basketball

2008                        Men's Basketball
2007                        Men's Basketball
2006                        Men's Basketball
2006                        Women's Basketball
2005                        Men's Basketball
2004                        Men's Basketball

2002                        Golf
2001                        Men's Basketball
2001                        Women's Basketball
1997                        Women's Basketball
1995                        Women's Basketball
1992                        Golf
1991                        Golf

National Tournament Participants

Season                        Sport

2009                        Men's Basketball (7th Place)
2009                        Women's Basketball
2007                        Men's Basketball
2006                        Men's Basketball (3rd Place)
2006                        Golf
2005                        Men's Basketball (6th Place)
2004                        Men's Basketball
2001                        Golf
1992                        Golf
1991                        Golf

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