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Brazilian Cuisine
Course ID: 6892   Location: St. John's UCC, Freeport
Class Dates: Apr. 30   M
Class Time: 5:00-8:00 PM
Registration Deadline: Apr. 23
Fee: $45.00
Brazilian cuisine has European, African, and Amerindian influences, usually featuring rice and beans! Learn cooking techniques of this unique cuisine and take home additional recipes to try. Please bring containers to take food home in.

Chicago Botanical Gardens
Course ID: 0   Location: TBD
Class Dates: May 26   S
Class Time: 7:00 AM-4:00 PM
Registration Deadline: May 19
Fee: $109.00
This safari will include a photographic discussion at the Botanical Center. This is one of the premiere gardens in the United States, and you will have an opportunity to capture significantly diverse species in a wonderful setting. Trip departs from the Stenstrom Center in Rockford, Illinois. Please contact Gary Gullett at Adventure Safari Network at 815-222-2824 to register.

Earn Extra Money with a Mystery Shopping Business
Course ID: 6770   Location: H-208
Class Dates: Apr. 23   M
Class Time: 6:00-7:00 PM
Registration Deadline: Apr. 16
Fee: $15.00
Have you seen ads telling you how to become a shopper, but only if you send them a lot of money? You do not have to pay to begin your new career in this exciting field. You will learn how to start your business endeavor ( participants must also attend “Explore 250 Legitimate Home Based Business Ideas” ), and you will also learn how to sign up with many legitimate mystery shopping companies WITHOUT FEES!, avoid the pitfalls and scams, create a required mystery shopping resume and profile, and take care of legalities and taxes regarding this income. With a few simple steps, you can start Mystery Shopping today! A mandatory $10 materials fee that includes a list of 25 legitimate companies is payable to the instructor at the door.

Explore 250 Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas
Course ID: 6772   Location: H-208
Class Dates: Apr. 23   M
Class Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Registration Deadline: Apr. 16
Fee: $25.00
Tired of working for someone else? Do you need to make more money? Turn your talents and hobbies into profits by starting a home business. Taught by a Chamber of Commerce Past President and award winning business owner, this is probably the most comprehensive business start-up workshop you will ever find. You will discover more than 250 legitimate home business ideas, mandatory legal documentation, many ways to market your product/service, and how to take tax deductions (this workshop included!). If you really want to succeed in a home business, this step-by-step session is a must! A mandatory $20 materials fee is payable to the instructor at the door. SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the high demands of this guest instructor nationwide, this workshop may only be offered once a year.

Fishing to Catch Fish!
Course ID: 6880   Location: Apple Canyon Lake Property Owner's Club
Class Dates: May 8   T
Class Time: 6:00-8:00 PM
Registration Deadline: May 1
Fee: $15.00
Want to know more about fishing? In two hours learn the basics of equipment, bait, location, and how to catch more fish!

Integrity Selling ®
Course ID: 6930   Location: H-210
Class Dates: May 3, 4   Th/F
Class Time: Th 8:00 AM-4:00 PM, F 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Registration Deadline: Apr. 26
Fee: $995.00
Integrity Selling combines a proven, six-step selling methodology with breakthroughs in the critical areas frequently overlooked in most sales programs: self-belief, confidence,and achievement drive. This course assists sales professionals in incorporating positive values, ethics, and beliefs into every aspect of their selling. Reinforcement follow-up workshops 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (7 nights) - in person preferred, conference call-in available. May 15, 22, 29; June 5, 12, 19, 26.

Make Money with a Virtual Assistant/Word Processing Business (prerequisite)
Course ID: 6777   Location: H-208
Class Dates: Apr. 23   M
Class Time: 9:00-10:00 PM
Registration Deadline: Apr. 16
Fee: $15.00
If you can type, then you can make money at home using your computer. Having already learned all about home-based business success ( participants must attend “Explore 250 Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas "), you will then discover how and where to find clients, 50 ways to advertise/market your services, effective home office equipment choices, 100 ways to make money with a computer, and FREE national networking information. A mandatory $10 materials fee is payable to instructor at the door.

Metal Detecting
Course ID: 6899   Location: Stephenson County Historical Society, Freeport
Class Dates: May 7   M
Class Time: 4:30-6:30 PM
Registration Deadline: Apr. 30
Fee: $26.00
Are you curious about the increasingly popular hobby of metal detecting? Or do you already have a metal detector, but aren't sure how to use it? This two-hour workshop will help you get digging for your first targets before you know it. You'll learn about the functions of the detector, useful accessories, how to find the best hunting spots, and metal detecting etiquette. The instructor will demonstrate how to adjust the settings depending on the type of detecting you are doing and the target you are looking for. If you have a metal detector, bring it to class. If you don't, you'll have a chance to swing one of the instructor’s detectors to locate and dig a target. Class will be held at the Stephenson County Historical Museum, 1440 S. Carroll Avenue in Freeport. In the event of inclement weather, class will be held indoors.

Private One-on-One Session
Course ID: 7099   Location: TBD
Class Dates: TBD   TBD
Class Time: TBD
Registration Deadline: TBD
Fee: $195.00
If you have a new camera or just want a one-on-one session to learn the controls, this two-hour session may be for you. This is a great gift for the photographer in your family. Topics can also include post-processing (like Photoshop Elements), or photographic techniques with any camera. Once registered, we will contact you to establish a time and topic that works for everyone. Add a second person for only $60.

Private One-on-One Session 2nd Person
Course ID: 7154   Location: TBD
Class Dates: TBD   TBD
Class Time: TBD
Registration Deadline: TBD
Fee: $60.00
2nd Person for Private One-On-One Session

Save Money with Extreme Couponing
Course ID: 6769   Location: H-208
Class Dates: Apr. 23   M
Class Time: 5:00-6:00 PM
Registration Deadline: Apr. 16
Fee: $15.00
Learn how to save $$$ every day with extreme couponing. Coupons are NOT just for groceries. The savings can add up to HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of dollars every year. This comprehensive workshop will teach you: where to find all different types of coupons, even for high ticket items, how to find the best coupon apps and websites, how to match coupons with sales for maximum savings, how to find other people to trade coupons and merchandise with. Feel free to bring your coupons to class for a trading session. This workshop is taught by someone who has used many couponing secrets to save thousands. A mandatory $10 materials fee is payable to instructor at the door.

Wire Wrapped Pendant
Course ID: 6972   Location: H-127
Class Dates: May 9   W
Class Time: 6:00-9:00 PM
Registration Deadline: May 2
Fee: $31.00
Back by popular demand, learn how to make a wire-wrapped pendant, ready to hang on your favorite necklace. A few basic styles will be taught, along with various techniques to add variation and style. No heat or power tools needed - just hand tools and wire. Select your pendant the night of the class. Wire will be provided. Please bring your own hand tools: smooth-faced round-nose pliers, smooth-faced flat-nose pliers, and side cutters. A few tools will be available for your use. Students can expect to complete one pendant in class and learn the skills to create limitless pendants at home.