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Tracy Mays

English, German Instructor
Office Number: M-226

Tracy Mays, English and German instructor: B.A., Northern Illinois University; M.A. in English, University of Illinois-Chicago; M.A. in German, University of Illinois-Chicago coughing up blood.

When students walk into Tracy May’s classes, they should be prepared to laugh. She admits that there’s a lot of laughter in her classes. Life is best when it’s balanced, and the same is true for classes. This is why Tracy Mays balances hard work and fun. When students walk out of her classes, they’ll realize that grammar is not mystical, writing a good essay is possible, and learning can be fun. This doesn’t mean that students don’t have to work. Tracy expects students to participate in their own learning through group and individual work. She has been a Highland faculty member for two years.
One of Tracy’s favorite pastimes is cooking.

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