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Academic Programs / Accounting



Business Administration, Accounting, Quickbooks Professional

Click on a Major to view printable requirements page.

Business Administration - AS

Accounting - AAS  Certificate (Gainful employment info)

Accounts Clerk - Certificate (Gainful employment info)

Professional Tax Preparer - Certificate (Gainful employment info)

Quickbooks Professional - Certificate (Gainful Employment info)

Business Administration

Accounting, Quickbooks Professional, Professional Tax Preparer

Associate of Science/Associated of Applied Science/Certificate

The business associate of science AS) programs are intended for students planning to pursue baccalaureate degrees in accounting, economics, finace, management, marketing, or general business administration.

These programs provide comprehensive technical coursese that are essential for students who are preparing for junior-level courses. The associate of applied science (AAS) and the certificate program (Cert.) are intended for students with short-term occupational goals. Highland's business administration program includes courses in accounting, business, economics, mathematics and communication.

Possible Career Paths

The business/services area is predicted to be one of the areas of employment most in demand well into the 21st century. The student who is well-versed in a number of business areas will be well-suited for the rapidly changing job market. The choice of majors within business administration is diverse. Possible creers include accountants, auditors, financial officers, managers and sales representatives.

Our Business Administration Faculty:

Joe Grove, Business/economics faculty

Jim Setterstrom, Agriculture/business faculty

Richard Jacobs, Business faculty

Scholarship Opportunities:

View all of our scholarships here.

Accounting Program Advisory Committee

Dana Borchardt, CPA - Mowry, Schindler & Associates

Vaness Hughes - Hughes Resources

Doug Freidag, CPA - Freidag & Associates

Steve Jordan, CPA - Wipfli, LLP

Richard Lamm, CPA - Beggin Tipp Lamm, LLC

Michael Schindler, CPA - Mowry, Schindler & Associates

Carol Wilhelms, CPA - Peach Consulting

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